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Clélia Romano was born in São Paulo, Brazil.

She is a former clinical psychologist and for 20 years has dedicated her life to psychoanalysis, teaching and giving consultations.

However in 1983 she felt a strong appeal toward the esoteric field especially to Astrology and developed another way to look at the human mind, behavior and life in general.

As many others she began with the so called Modern astrology. Even being much more appealing than the cold and rigid psychoanalytical protocol she felt disappointed when the technique failed in many events.

Trying to go deeper she began to study the material developed in Robert Zoller´s course applying to the Certificate of Medieval Astrologer in 2003. After that, she continued the studies in medieval astrology and in 2006 she received the Diploma of Medieval Astrologer.

In 2010 she published a book in Portuguese named Foundations of Traditional Astrology and announced that it was the first book of a trilogy.

In the nest year, 2011, she translated the work of Masha´allah, On Reception, from the Latin to Portuguese.

Now, after almost two years, is on print her extended work named The Practice of Traditional Astrology, the 2nd book of the announced trilogy. In this book the techniques and tools used by the masters from the hellenistic period up to medieval times until the seventeenth century are described.

In the future, the 3rd book of the trilogy, dealing with the module of predictions will be avaiable.

Currently she lives in São Paulo, giving speeches, workshops, consultations and tuition via Skype or via email.






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