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Clélia Romano,DMA
Astrologia Humana


The Triplicity Method of Andarzhagar- as related by Al Qbisi New

Masha´allah´s teachings n Horary Astrology

Moon Phases in Traditional Astrology

Some Remarks about Marriage and Relationship Part1

Some Some Remarks about Marriage and Relationship Part2

Significators and Promittors- Delineation

Analysis of an Event Chart-The Murder of a Child

The AProfections According Vettius Valens- a Method to Analyse Them

The Lunar Nodes- A Review of its Traditional Meaning

Vettius Valens presents a new technique to forescast the Events of the Year

Fate and the Limits of Predictive Astrology

Part Of Fortune -Have we to switch the formula in nocturnal nativities?

Part Of Fortune -Quotations and Research

Malefics in Angles- Their relation to life span

The Immortality of the Astrological Chart

Aspects Between Planets in Time and Space

An Astrological Essay On Suicide

Horary Astrology- The Hearth of a Question new

A Journey Into the 9th House

The Costa Concordia´s last Trip

Mundane Astrology- 2014 Brazilian Eletions new

The Meaning of Jupiter in Leo in USA natal new


Clélia Romano,,DMA Copuryght 2014