Horary Consultations

If you want to know about a very specific matter of your life, it´s not necessary to have your natal chart analyzed in depth, a task that takes a huge amount of time ,fact that would raise unnecessarily costs.

The Horary Astrology or even just a delineation of some specific issue in the natal chart is enough to answer the most part of the questions.
There are problems, though, that both natal and the horary charts are necessary.

In an horary consultation your birth data is requested only to compare and give more radicality to the question. The astrologer needs to fully understand the client´s question and cast the chart for that moment. The querent´s answer is there.

If you are concerned about an issue of your daily life, or if you have a more serious problem about, for instance, your job, career, marriage, love, business, money, partnership, etc, all these matters can be investigated by the Horary Astrology.
So, if something is bothering your mind for some time and you want to receive orientation about that , I recommend you to concentrate on your problem in order to formulate a question containing the essence of your doubt or preoccupation.


For example:

1. When will I find a boy/girlfriend?

2. Should I move or should I acquire a property?

3. My relationship will end?

4. Am I going to get the job?

5. My financial situation is going to improve?

6. Is it a good time to invest in Stock Market?

7- Will I find my lost golden bracelet?

Remember that the astrologer needs some information about the background of your question to understand it better.
If you choose to send the question by e-mail please send all the information in the same e-mail.

You can see two delineations hereyou can see two delineations here

About the answer

I provide a written analysis of your question in three days where I will explain how I got to my conclusions. I usually send the answer by e-mail and l will be available to discuss any doubts you still had about the delineation

Natal Consultations

The natal chart is immutable and even if it does not respond to events as specific as the horary questions, its results are perennial, true and of a much greater scope.

The birth chart is the root from which the native's life unfolds.

I am available to provide the interpretation of your natal chart with predictions based on your potentialities. Such work is longer and takes about a week to return its results.

The natal chart provides an immense amount of explanations. It is like a mandala and its delineation is infinite.

The areas covered by the natal analysis are: general happiness, health, profession, finances, realations and marriages, professional skills and social standing.

Specify in which areas you are most interested in order to make better use of time dedicated to the delineation.

It is important to know when to expect difficulties and when there will be good opportunities. Also the information about the important events of the next year wil be pointed out.

Next I´ll give na example of what you can get in this type of study:

"The native is self-motivated and strives for victory, respect and high social heights.

He/she works with partnerships, where it usually has the leading position. He possesses a deep mind and can deal with difficult and intricate matters, related to philosophical or even psychological studies.

He/she can pursue a career in medicine, psychology or the like. The curiosity for knowledge and the inclination to study hard can incline to solitude, which will play an important role in the acquisition of knowledge. He/she will get professional and personal ascension.

From the standpoint of personal relationships he/she will marry an older or very conservative person, tending to many intimate relationships and instability in this área, as a consequence of many frustrations in this área.

Year to come:

This year the family will play an important role.

Certain losses may occur and the native will generally have a year of greater fights and less contentment.

He/she may feel weak and have a health issue in the months of June and July.

Professionally, although not one of the best years, it can have good surprises and rise to a new level around November or December.

As for relationships, it is possible that family members interferes in order to cause quarrels in partnership. If you are not currently in a relationship, there is a chance that someone will appear, but this will be followed by conflicts because of the family interference.

The financial situation will be tight, but the native can make profit from activities linked to travel abroad, which will open a professional perspective in the area of teaching."