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Discover the positive and negative times for each activity of your life.

Some Words About Astrology

The objective of this site is to promote astrology with emphasis on the prediction of events, a most important goal in traditional astrology.

In modern times astrology has been practiced mainly as a self-knowledge tool rather than a way to know in advance the future and be prepared for it.

Differently, Traditional Astrology as practiced at least since the very beginning of our history was essentially predictive in order to know in advance the climatic problems, the events of kingdom, the possibility of wars and epidemics, the succession of the royal family, the predisposition or not of the royal couple to have children, etc

In the same way the astrologer was occupied with life spam, particularly the life of the heir of the throne, in order to anticipate if he would survive and be the future king.
Moreover, it was very important to know the right moment to go to war and win, or to decide if diplomatic discussiont was the best solution.
The astrologer was always intimately linked to History, advising kings and powerful people. It is difficult to evaluate which would have been the Western history without the astrologer figure.

Astrology is divided into several branches, namely the Mundane astrology, that deals with the destiny of countries, the Climatic, that is dedicated to the prediction of climates, the Electional, that looks for the ideal time to begin anything and get a good result, the Medical, that deals with illnesses, the Natal, which subject is the person and the personal destiny, and the Horary or Interrogations. The approach of this website is mainly in respect to the individual astrology, mainly the Horary Astrology, the Natal and the Electional astrology: in few words, everything that deal with the Human Being.

You and The Astrology

With the popularization of the astrology you can also benefit from the huge amount of knowledge accumulated in millennia consulting an astrologer in some important moment of your life or when things are not running well, or even if something is worrying you, for example your job, a financial problem, your own health or that of a loved one, if you will find someone to love, etc. You may know as well through the astrological counseling the best moment to ask for a salary raise, to marry someone or to undergoing into a surgery. Many problems can be avoided with a simple fact: to know in advance.

Traditional astrology is a continuous and dedicated study and the astrologer must be first of all a compassionate persons,since he will be dealing with people and the sacred beyond their daily lives, their hopes, their future, their pain and fears. The astrologer must study hard to say little.

The deep knowledge of the cosmic relations between signs and planets, the understanding of the symphonic language of the cosmos and the reading of the celestial music bring us closer to the higher power who constructed this Earth where we live and the heavens that guide us.

Through the study of the stars we will be able to answer a Horary Consultation in order to know the tendency to happiness or misfortune in a certain issue, as well as to chose the favorable moments to act and adjust our life in order to reach happiness.

Clélia Romano,DMA